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September Month Article

  • Adieu, Asat
    • Shridhar Prabhu
      Sarsanghachalak’s address was a plain sailing which busted the various myths surrounding the Sangh. He addressed to simplify the methodology of Sangh and succeeded in doing that.…...
  • On The Trail Of The Idol Thief: A True Story
    • Aravindan Neelakandan
      S Vijay Kumar and his team of volunteers are part of a feverish initiative to get India’s stolen idols back, with some successes and some reverses..…...
  • Student admits Melbourne terrorist act
    • 9News.com
      A Bangladeshi student who plunged a knife into the neck of her Melbourne homestay host has pleaded guilty to engaging in a terrorist act in the name of violent jihad....…..
  • 'The past has a knack of exploding in our faces'
    • Claude Arpi
      'People beat their chests when the Babri Masjid was brought down, not realising that it was just one event in a chain going back centuries; to look at the last link or two in isolation is absurd.'...…..
  • 22 years to Communist Cruelty in Parumala
    • Haindava Keralam
      On 17 September 1996, three ABVP activists: Anu, Sujith and Kim, were cornered in Devaswom Board college in Parumala by a violent mob of SFI...…..
  • One Social Entrepreneur To Create Many
    • Arihant Pawariya
      A conversation with Hari Kiran Vadlamani, who is on a mission to bring about an intellectual, cultural, and spiritual renaissance in India...…..
  • Dissimulation In Words And In Images
    • Balbir K. Punj
      Is there a way one can distinguish a free and vibrant press from certain flagrant elements who masquerade as journalists..…..
  • Army, Police & Judicial Activism!
    • Vinay Joshi
      How Indian judges wantonly thrash, scold, reprimand political leaders, army and police officers but at the same time they remain extremely vigilant regarding criticism of judges and their verdicts....…..
  • Crunch time in Pakistan
    • James M Dorsey
      It’s crunch time in Pakistan. Resolving Pakistan’s financial crisis is likely to require newly appointed Prime Minister Imran Khan....…..
  • Was it simply a matter of dissent after all?
    • Ramaharitha Pusarla
      Since Tuesday all hell broke loose and the chorus of India turning into a totalitarian state is being echoed by the leftists and liberals who are essentially leftists.....…..

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