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Police Officer Who Escorted Muslim Woman to Sabarimala, Bursts into Tears Before Lord Ayyappa

Author: T Satisan
Publication: Organiser.org
Date: October 22, 2018
URL:      http://www.organiser.org/Encyc/2018/10/22/Police-Officer-Who-Escorted-Muslim-Woman-to-Sabarimala-Bursts-into-Tears-Before-Lord-Ayyappa.html

Another female Left-wing activist approaches for permission to go to the shrine

Inspector General of Police Sreejith IPS burst into tears around 5 am this morning, October 22, in front of the deity in Sabarimala Ayyappa temple. He was the officer assigned to take two activist young women to the shrine the other day.
The women who wore police uniform had to go back when the entire congregation of the devotees stopped them chanting Nama Japa peacefully. Sreejith, a known devotee of Lord Ayyappa and scholar in Hindu traditions and rituals, had told the mob on that day that himself and his police team had not come there to attack them (devotees), but he had to execute his constitutional obligations. He added that the devotees had the right to stick on to their stand.

Sreejithh had visited Shabarimala shrine yesterday, October 21, and met the priests and thanthri (chief priest).
Answering the devotees’ questions, Sreejith had told at that time that he came as per his faith and devotion.
Hindu Aikya Vedi president Sasikala teacher told the media that the incident indicates, officers do not have any right to stick to their faiths whereas the atheists enjoy rights to insult the deity as well as the believers.

In the meantime, Bindu, a young leftist activist girl has reportedly approached Erumeli police seeking police assistance for having darshan at the shrine. Awaiting further details.
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