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Can Twitter be a Socially neutral platform?

Author: Ratan Sharda
Publication: Republicworld.com
Date: November 20, 2018
URL:      https://m.republicworld.com/opinions/blogs/can-twitter-be-a-socially-neutral-platform


- The CEO of Twitter obviously came to India on a PR visit to create goodwill for Twitter

- However, his photograph showing him carrying a poster, “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy” has left a bitter taste for Indians

The CEO of Twitter obviously came to India on a PR visit to create goodwill for Twitter. However, his meeting with supposedly progressive women of India and a photograph of his showing him carrying a poster, “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy” has left a bitter taste for Indians.

As a person who doesn’t know much about complex plural enlightened civilization perennially flowing since more than 10000 years of documented history, it was his bounden duty to understand what kind of placard he was holding.

Women who handed him the poster to hold saying “Destroy Brahminical patriarchy” too are trained with a western worldview and see everything Indian with same tinted glasses.

Just as I write this small piece, Twitter India has come out with a blasé statement:

It is not a statement from Twitter or our CEO, but a tangible reflection of our company's efforts to see, hear and understand all sides of important public conversations that happen on our service around the world.

If the conversation was truly all sided, we could have seen some prominent non-Left or what is wrongly called ‘Right Wing’ faces in the meeting. And, then this poster would surely not have found its way into Jack’s hands. The poster would surely have not passed the scrutiny of a large mass of Indian women who don’t look at the Indian culture with same low self-esteem as the women totally influenced by Biblical worldview passed off as a modern worldview.

If this group was truly interested in fighting against patriarchy, they would have handed over at least 2-3 more posters asking the Pope to allow women Bishops, demanded action against molesting clerics, not pardon and demanding Muslim women to be freed from ‘Nikah Halaala’.

Jack may be unaware of Indian culture, but he surely is familiar with molestation cases of Christian clerics, and of poor treatment to women in Islam. He would be aware that women are considered inferior to men in Abrahamic religions. While Hindus are always reforming and reinventing their religions with changing world, the other major religions refuse to change. But, our Jack and his women’s team would never talk about it.

Hindus have outgrown patriarchy and Brahmins are the least advantaged sections of the population now. All of us have condemned Brahminical tyranny of birth-based caste system which was not there in earlier times. Even Brahmins have criticised this static view of 'Dharma' and most have willingly agreed to reservations as one of the ways to undo the past damage.

The inventor of 'sulabh shauchalay' is a Brahmin. As per a Rediff article of 2006, most of his employees are Brahmins. The same article also claims that a large number of rickshaw pullers in Delhi and many people doing menial jobs are Brahmins. Then, why this hatred? Is it because they were able to preserve 'shastras' and 'dharma' of Hindus even in worst genocides against Hindus especially Brahmin and therefore, targets of hate of Communist left liberals?

Is Jack aware that all the major political parties, for long a period of time, were led by Brahmins, including venerable dinosaurs called the Communist Party. In fact, ‘progressive’ Congress is still led by a ‘janeudhari Brahmin’? Communists couldn’t find one Dalit to be the member of their politburo in 90 years.

The women who made Jack the hate figure seem to forget that Communists could get their first woman politburo member after nearly 80 years, who happened to be the wife of the Secretary! So much for Brahminical patriarchy. Truth is, it is British who destroyed the matrilineal societies in Kerala and North East as they imported true patriarchy on the back of the organized Church that is a handmaiden of imperialism.

Is Jack unaware of the Neo-Left movement whose project is to magnify the fault-lines of all the societies to destabilise and break them up?

In the name of ‘Cultural Studies', the institution of marriage is targeted, the institution of family and all of the humankind’s major stabilizing factors are ‘deconstructed’ and attacked as patriarchal etc. I suspect now, that Jack may be part of the neo-left movement.

I think this mindset is the reason for banning, blocking or shadow banning of non-Left Twitter handles. They are not even considered fit to attend a meeting with CEO of Twitter who is supposed to have discussions with “all the points of view”. At the same time, same twitter allows hate filled gross obscene tweets of Left, NeoLeft and even Islamist tweets that demean Hindu society and 'Dharma'.

It seems China was correct, after all, in banning Twitter and launching its own social media platform. Perhaps India too needs to do it, so the social media becomes a level playing field in the true sense and doesn’t become a biased tool of neo-Left and so-called liberal brigade.
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