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This is New India Jack! Respect it!

Author: Savio Rodrigues
Publication: Goa Chronicle.com
Date: November 21, 2018
URL:      https://goachronicle.com/this-is-new-india-jack-respect-it/

I am big fan of the social media platform you founded.

I do not agree with some of its polices but it is a platform for expression of thoughts one is passionate about.

Some of those thoughts are political for sure.

I was shocked and disappointed that you chose to pose holding a picture with a slogan ‘Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy’.

Twitter India operations tried to justify the act in the most insane manner; that it further amplified the insensitivity of your act and also portrayed you as a man devoid of any sense, understanding or respect for the cultural sensitivities of our culture.

I tried to reach out to you on Twitter.

Like many Indians I sought an apology from you because the act has hurt us. We did not expect such an act from you, especially after we treated you as a guest in our country.

But I suppose you chose to ignore because I am not a ‘Blue Tick’ person to take seriously.

However, as a common citizen of India, I may not be considered for a ‘Blue Tick’ but in India I have the mark of the ‘Tiranga’.

I have a filed a complaint against you for hurting the sentiments of us Indians. Like me many Indians in different parts of India will be taking a legal action against you.

I am not willing to buy the logic that you were probably unaware of the message of the poster as it was gifted to you.

You represent a global company, you are on your first visit to India, I am sure you understand the English language. It is not acceptable that you insult Indians all over the world with the ‘Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy’ poster.

If you would have apologised for the act. Many Indians and I would have extend our often seen forgiving nature and accepted that apology, even though we are upset.

The Twitter office however, chose to justify the act.

Here is what one of the women Anna MM Vetticad who was present at the closed door meeting had to say about the Twitter justification:

“Sad to see a lack of awareness & concern about caste issues in your tweet, @vijaya. On a separate note, this was not a “private photo” – it was shot by a @TwitterIndia rep & mailed to us to share if we wish. You are throwing us under the bus to save your skin. Unbelievable! @jack”

Now if you were not biased, then what would have been the need of having a closed door with a certain section of women activists and journalists that have often exhibited political preferences to a particular political thought but not the entire representation of political thought in India

Were those in attendance a representation of the entire view of India and issues related to India’s caste, creed or gender. The answer is known to your office in India and the women attendees. They do not represent the entire thought of India.

Ask most Indians if they would have agreed with that poster and targeting of particular community of India.

They would not and that’s why this huge outrage.

Every country has issues. India is not the only one.

Tell me Jack. Would you hold such a poster in Saudi Arabia or China.

I am extremely confident you would not.

Do the right thing and apologise to the people of India and we will find the grace to forgive you and then allow law to take its course.

Some say Indians having an issue with your act should leave Twitter.

Unfortunately, I do not come from that school thought. My school of thought is simple, you insulted my nation, I will call out your act of insensitivity on your platform and on the platform on which the insult was exhibited on.

You can deactivate my account.

But many Indians who believe that a social media platform should be neutral and unbiased will rise up each time Twitter walks to path of bias.

The India of yesterday where we would forgive any insult to us is gone.

Please remember. This is New India Jack! Respect it.
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