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Give Jack The Sack

Publication: Hindu Post.in
Date: November 22, 2018
URL:      https://www.hindupost.in/society-culture/give-jack-the-sack/

Jack Dorsey inadvertently became the global ambassador of Bharat’s dirty little under-reported secret: The casteist anti-Brahmin hate and abuse that has been allowed and celebrated by Bharat’s Progressives. This attempt to “cleanse” the Bharatiya body politic of Brahmins carries the nasty stench of earlier attempts by populists to wipe out certain “privileged populations”. The most horrifying example of this was by the German Nationalist Socialist Worker’s Party- The Nazis.

Some Progressives, casteists, and anti-Hindu activists claim Brahmins control power disproportionate to their numbers. How different is this from Adolf Hitler’s tirade against the Jewish people in the 1930s? Brahmins (even with the most charitable estimation) comprise a mere 5% of Bharat’s population. In pre-War Europe, Jews comprised 9.5% of Poland, 4.2% of Romania, 5.1% of Hungary, 4.9% of Latvia, and 2.4% of Czechoslovakia and Austria. Very comparable numbers with Bharat. Should Brahmins fear Ms. Anna M Vetticad and her crusade to wipe us out?

The facts on the ground are drastically different. While Christians in Bharat (like Ms. Vetticad) have been silent on the global phenomena of Catholic priests’ child molestation (7% of all Priests globally abuse children) and the casteism rife in their own (supposedly egalitarian) faiths, they have- with Teutonic zeal- attempted to marginalize and denigrate Brahmins. This includes pogroms in Tamil Nadu that provide quotas that exclude Brahmins (while allowing in castes that were often either the ruling, land owning, or money lending castes), public acts of violence against our Gods- most notably by “rationalists” like E.V. Ramasamy, constant media bias against Brahmins, and crediting all of Bharat‘s social ills to “Brahminism” (a term created out of whole cloth).

Jack Dorsey is the CEO of a multi-Billion dollar organization. One assumes he can read and is aware of the history of anti-semitism, anti-minority violence and genocide. One also assumes he is aware of calls to violence and his lending his image to a call to “smash” anything should raise serious red-flags. When he is asked to pose with a poster, and he agrees, one assumes he (a) read it (b) understood it (c) agrees with it. Imagine if the poster said “smash Islamic patriarchy”- would Jack take a picture holding that up? Why did he agree to even receive the poster about “Brahminism”, much less display it for a photo?

This is a problem Bharat has to openly address, shame hateful bigots like Ms. Vetticad, and publicize in our media. But Jack Dorsey must pay a price for his casteism and it must be public. If we do not demonstrate a high price for calling for violence against innocent minorities, we should each be fearfully hiding in our homes waiting for the Progressive mob to institute Ms. Vetticad’s preferred Kristallnacht and her “Brahmin” free Bharat. Give Jack the Sack.
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