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November Month Article

  • How Shivaji pioneered Maratha Navy
    • Adhish Kumar Sinha
      Other than historians and students of history, few know that King Shivaji pioneered Maratha Navy. While fighting with Mughals and Adilshah…...
    • Jewishwikipedia.info
      In 1510 the Portuguese conquered Indian Goa which became a major centre of the spice trade.  During their 450 years occupation they established the Inquisition and only allowed Catholicism.…...
  • Sardar Patel and RSS
    • Organiser.org
      Congress party and its Masters always insulted, disrespected and violated Sardar Patel and his legacy. However…...
  • Ascetic extraordinaire
    • Sandhya Jain
      It would be appropriate if the top court reconsiders its decision allowing women of all ages to visit the Sabarimala shrine at the next hearing of the matter…...
  • Tharoor’s Sonia Gandhi directed theories
    • Ravi Shanker Kapoor
      Congress MP Shashi Tharoor seems to be in love with his own articulateness. And since love is blind, he is unable to realise the full consequences of the statements he makes.…...
  • Mumbai doctor booked for harassing wife
    • The Times of India
      A case of harassment was registered against a 39-year-old doctor from a minority community here following a complaint by his wife, police said on Saturday.…...
  • An unrecognised explorer
    • KK Paul
      It’s time we do justice to Radhanath Sikdar, the man who first measured Mount Everest…...
  • On CV Raman
    • Ratnakar Sadasyula
      Today is the punyathithi of C.V.Raman, one of the greatest Indian scientists of the modern era. The first Indian to win a Nobel in Science…...
  • Give Jack The Sack
    • Hindu Post.in
      Jack Dorsey inadvertently became the global ambassador of Bharat’s dirty little under-reported secret…...
  • Here is why I left the Left
    • Ahmed Shariff
      The Left's beliefs are not “bordering on insanity,” they have crossed the border, got an Aadhar card and settled down. They get weirder and weirder by the day.…...
  • Here is why I left the Left
    • Ahmed Shariff
      TLDR: I didn’t say I joined the right. I just said I left the left. Because the left is just as crazy as the far-right. Same bigotry, just a different set of holy cows. Now the long version.…...
  • Pakistan doesn't 'care' about US: Trump
    • The Times of India
      President Donald Trump on Sunday defended his administration's decision to stop hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Pakistan. …...
  • The Brown Sepoys of Indian Media
    • Shefali Vaidya
      A couple of days ago, Indian media was abuzz with the news of a  BBC ‘research paper’ on ‘fake news’..…...
  • Death by a Thousand Cuts and Narendra Modi
    • Rajat Mitra
      Death by a thousand cuts to bleed your enemy till he is finished is a time honored tactic of guerillas from all over the world against an enemy whom they don’t want to face and can’t defeat in a straight fight..…...
  • Singing a political tune
    • Sonal Mansingh
      Controversy over the cancellation of a T M Krishna concert sees meanings and narratives that do not exist...…...
  • Why are Naxals Giving Up in Bastar?
    • Dr Pramod Kumar
      As 217 hardcore Naxals surrendered in 2018 alone in Chhattisgarh, frustrated Maoists fight a lost battle. They are no more in the position to keep the people captive on gunpoint.…...
  • PM Modi live: A day to remember!
    • Bindu Krishnan
      It was a day to remember! We got to be in the same auditorium as our rockstar Prime Minister and heard a live address by him.…...
  • A Big Bang Structural Reform
    • Sanju Verma
      Demonetisation will always remain the black swan event that showcased to the world why clean governance is all about right attitude and right mindset…...
  • Celebrating the unifier
    • Omprakash Dhankar
      Without Sardar Patel, India would have been a fragmented entity..…...
  • How Sardar Patel Created India, State By State
    • Dr T Hanuman Chowdary
      We are building a nation and we are laying the foundations of One Nation, and those who choose to divide again and sow the seeds of disruption will have no place…...
  • A Fraudulent Mission
    • Dr.David Frawley
      Exposing the false premises and dangerous notions behind Christian missionary activit.…...
  • How the British impoverished India
    • Utsa Patnaik
      When the Crown took over from the Company, from 1861 a clever system was developed under which all of India’s financial gold and forex earnings.…...
  • The unifier of modern India
    • M. Venkaiah Naidu
      Remembering Sardar Patel’s stupendous role in integrating the princely States into independent India.….
  • How the British impoverished India
    • Utsa Patnaik
      When the Crown took over from the Company, from 1861 a clever system was developed under which all of India’s financial gold and forex earnings from..….

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