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Catholic Priest opines ‘Defeating BJP is a victory for Christianity’

Publication: Indian Expose
Date: January 20, 2019
URL:      https://indianexpose.com/catholic-priest-opines-defeating-bjp-is-a-victory-for-christianity/

It appears that the Catholic Church in Tamil Nadu has made up its mind to use it hold on the Christian community to spread the message to ’Not Vote for BJP’.

Speaking at function Rev. Fr. Arul Sagayaraj, Trichy Diocese, stated, “We all have to fight against one enemy that is BJP. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari all the parties should come together against BJP. Individual parties like Mayawatis and others fought with each other and enemy came to power. We should join hands. You might have several differences, we should keep it away and come together to beat BJP”

He further went on state, “Defeating BJP is a victory for Christianity”.

It is no surprise that representatives of the Catholic Church in particular priests, bishops and archbishops are sounding alarm bells of Christians being in danger in the nation, secularism is under-threat and constitution is being trampled upon under the current ruling government at the Centre.

Last year Archbishop Anil Couto and Archbishop Thomas Macwan prior to the UP and Gujarat elections started voicing their anti-BJP agenda under the guise of Freedom of Expression and inviting people to pray.

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