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A view from Dubai, watching Paksitani Channels

Author: Balasubramanian Sanjeevi
Publication: Facebook.com
Date: February 19, 2019
URL:      https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10218489150726769&id=1434918268

Being in Dubai I get to watch all the Pakistani Channels. Today after Imran Khan's message, there was only one topic - Modi's threat. In every channel, be it Goe TV, ARY, Duniya, Samna Express Tv - the biggest hero was - guess who? Kamal Hassan. Most of them said he was a famous Bollywood actor and only a few said he was from South India. But they all loved him and were going gaga over how he has spoken the heart of Pakistan.

The next person worshipped by all Pakistanis is Mamata B. They said she is the God for Muslims. "In spite of the fact, India has deteriorated when Modi came to power, it is people like Kamal Hassan and Mamata who are a beacon of Hope," said an expert.

It was amusing when someone in the panel said "it was so wonderful when Manmohan Singh was the PM. He was soft and truly "secular". Pakistan could convince India very easily (meaning India fell in line without difficulty). But Modi is a difficult customer. He looks at the eye straight and challenges".

I am giving the exact translation from Urdu. Two of the anchors framed their question to experts quoting Barkha Dutt's article where she seems to have expressed concern that, this time it is serious. It appears Modi has been able to incite most of Indian public and Pakistan must take serious note that it will not be like all other times.

When it came to the anti-Pak narrative in India, none of the channels showed anything in Republic or Times Now. Though when someone said hate Pakistan narrative is gaining ground in India, the picture of Arnob Goswami flashed. The only channel clip shown was that of ABP Hindi channel clip in which a female screams India has decided to take action on Pakistan by stopping the export of tomatoes. And she shows a report of a farmer saying this time I am not going to sell my tomatoes to Pakistan They eat our tomatoes and they kill our soldiers. And on that, the whole panel laughed.

My surmise:

Pakistan is really praying for Congress to come to power. They seem to be bewildered that aa proven time-honored lines of strategy with India are not working and they're getting frustrated.
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