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An Open Letter to those saying 'Say No To War'

Author: Mayuresh Didolkar
Publication: Myind.net
Date: February 28, 2019
URL:    https://myind.net/Home/viewArticle/an-open-letter-to-those-saying-say-no-to-war
Dear fellow citizens,

We already did #SayNoToWar !!

Remember 12th march 1993 and those 12 blasts that killed 257 Mumbaikars? That was us saying no to war. One of those blasts inside a bus was powerful enough to throw the mangled remains of the victims on the roof of a nearby building. The attack on the parliament, our temple of democracy , on 13th Dec 2001 was once again us saying no to war. That one left 9 of our citizens dead and made a martyr out of a jihadi named Afzal Guru.

We said no to war again on 11th July 2006 when bomb blasts in Mumbai trains left 209 people dead. Oh, did we notice that our saying no to war in 1993 and 2006, also gave us 1600 mumbaikars injured, the walking wounded monuments to our insistence on peace? Of course "no to war" isn't a slogan, it is a way of life, so we have to keep saying it periodically lest we forget. So on one cold November day, we sat glued to our televisions as an entire city was laid to siege by jihadi extremists who shot up our train stations , hospitals and hotels , killing 170 and injuring more. One of the dead was asked for water by Kasab and after drinking water, Kasab shot him. Neither saying no to war nor giving water meant much for the poor dead boy. But hey, at least we said we won't play cricket with Pakistan then, so don't say we didn't impose the cost.

Saying no to war has given us a cancerous separatist movement that pelts stones on our armed forces, and turn coward killers funeral into a mass event. Saying no to war gave us terrorist attacks on our defense installations and on our armed forces convoys. Saying no to war has displaced an entire generation of Kashmiris without a place to call their own.

Ladies and gentleman , saying no to war has emboldened our enemies to a stage where they can chant bharat tere tukde honge inside university campuses paid for by our taxes, and not only get away with it but achieve cult status on the elite party circuits. Saying no to war has given an opportunity for these elites to hobnob with the elites of our terror monger neighbor, it has given a few interesting cocktail party discussion topics as they waited for the next dastangoi performance from a 35 year old college student.

 For the rest of us, it has given a lifetime spent in constant, unnamed fear of an enemy waging an asymmetrical war with us, it has given stones and suicide blasts to our peacekeepers and occasionally it has given empty coffins to their loved ones. So here's a revolutionary idea - why don't we stop giving a chance to peace? How about we start saying no to those chanting "no to war" as long as we are the only ones listening to them? Eye for an eye will leave the world blind - sure. The alternative of course is a world full of blind victims and their sighted oppressors.

It is your choice India!! Jai Hind!!

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