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A symbol of Bravery and Honour

Author: Agnima Sharma
Publication: Ritam.app
Date: June 18, 2019
URL:      https://m.ritam.app/Encyc/2019/6/18/A-symbol-of-Bravery-and-Honour.amp.html?source=mobile

Kiran Kumar, the Queen of Bikaner, is one Legend who grounded and humiliated the Mughal Emperor Akbar, who tried to violate the modest of women under the guise of anonymity in Meena Bazar

Congress, over the years, has been scrapping the glorious history of Indian royals such as Kiran Kumari, the queen of Bikaner who made a mark in Indian history for her act of bravery. Her story should be known by one and all as she is one woman whose story speaks of woman valour, self-respect, dynamism and empowerment. Once upon a time, she single-handedly grounded the Mughal emperor, Akbar, under her feet who begged her to spare his life. In fact, India has many such inspiring stories of Indian kings and queens which are still to be known by its people. However, Congress seems busy glorifying the acts of a few of its leaders, says a veteran leader Bajrang Singh Shekhawat from Bikaner.

Shekhawat in Bikaner represents many social organisations and feels proud to be born in India which is land of warriors.

However, presently he feels equally pained at the way the stories of brave soldiers are slowly losing their name under Congress rule.

“We remember this brave queen on every festival and occasion as it was because of her brave act that Meena Bazaar being organised in Delhi was stopped,” he says adding that he wants her story to symbolise woman power.

The story of Kiran Devi recently went viral soon after BJP state president Madanlal Saini on the occasion of Maharana Pratap Jayanti, quoted Akbar as characterless man in Jaipur.

Saini claimed that Mughal emperor Akbar once attempted to misbehave with Bikaner queen in the women-run market, Meena Bazaar in Delhi. However, the Bikaner queen, Kiran Devi, saw through his ill intentions and pushed him to the ground and pointed a knife to his chest. She asked who he was and Akbar told her that the emperor of Hindustan was lying on her feet begging for his life. Meena Bazaar was closed since that day, said Saini.

He also said that comparing Maharana Pratap with the Mughal emperor is like making a mockery of the history.
Saini further claimed that the misdeeds of Akbar have been recorded in history and he used to organise Meena Bazaar with the same purpose.

Akbar “was never great” and was visiting Meena Bazaar just to “exploit” women, said Saini. Adding that “world is well aware of the fact that Akbar organised ‘Meena Bazaars’ a market meant only for women. Surprisingly, men were not allowed to visit the market. However, Akbar visited them hiding his identity to commit ‘dushkarm’,” claimed Saini.

Meanwhile another resident of Bikaner Lokendra Singh claims that the story of Queen Kiran Kumari should stand for woman empowerment which stand strong in historical pages of India. She was one brave lady who single-handedly dragged the Mughal emperor under her feet and brought Meena Bazaar to an end. Let the world know her story, he says.
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