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How are stone pelters, like in Kashmir (India), treated in other countries?

Author: Naman Chakraborty
Publication: Quora.com
Date: June 10, 2017
URL:      https://www.quora.com/How-are-stone-pelters-like-in-Kashmir-India-treated-in-other-countries

Of the 192 countries in the world - 123 are proclaimed democracies.

Free dissent against the incumbent powers though, is tolerated in less than a dozen, among them - India is one such nation.

One can tweet a flip of the middle finger[1]to the government, call the prime minister a coward and a psychopath[2]- make open statements ridiculing the martyrs of the Indian Army[3] - and even shout slogans against the unity of our nation[4] or the judgement of supreme court[5]- no problem (just do not make a cartoon[6]about Didi…okay?).

All over the world…

Stone pelting is bad.

Stone pelting with an intent to cause grievous injury is a crime.

Stone pelting with an intent to hurt an armed security officer on duty is suicide.

If you pelt a stone at an Israeli Soldier - They will identify you - Kill you - identify your house - respectfully request your family members to vacate - fill your empty house with concrete[7].

If you pelt a stone at a uniformed and armed US Marine on Duty - you won’t even live to say sorry to 3 generations of your family members who’d never know how bad the airline food really is - as they might all get listed on the no-fly list[8]for good.

If you plan to pelt a stone on a Spetsnaz in Moscow - hope you have great cooking skills - because just in case you aren’t shot and killed immediately - you might have to spend the rest of your life being ‘useful’ to the lonely and bored soldiers of the Black Dolphin[9] facility on the Kazak border.

And in case you plan to pelt a stone at a guard in the Tiananmen Square - hope you take your family into confidence, since it is they who would be suffering the most, while you are made to wait in a 4ftx4ftx4ft cell in one of the Chinese Organ Harvesting facilities[10], awaiting a patient that matches your blood type.

Your government will not just make a profit by selling your organs - they’ll also make your family pay[11]for the operation and the subsequent funeral - after they freeze the bank accounts of your family members of course[12].

But we in India are a little different.

We are the only country in the world which even has a debate on this subject.

We have much renowned and well acclaimed experts who call for pity, kindness, rapprochement and sympathy towards these innocent, ‘misdirected’ gentle souls - which deserve an institutional kid glove and a compassionate hearing.

We’re even replacing the non-lethal pellet guns with less lethal Chilly flavored PAVA shells[13].

All I wish I could have done is to arrange for some of these gentle souls to be sent to the valley, armed with a cake, few flowers, perhaps a bouquet and a PAVA Shell Launcher to face a mob like this:

For the people who preach for restraint, I would really like to record the seconds it takes for them to fire their first shot.

That perhaps will finally end this debate and possibly provide a realisation to us Indians, that our Armed forces have human rights as well.

* Thank you for reading. Cheers and peace.


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