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Watch: Twitter is not pleased with this Pakistani video of children calling for India’s destruction

Author: Scroll Staff
Publication: Scroll.in
Date:  October 14, 2019
URL:      https://amp.scroll.in/video/940417/watch-twitter-is-not-pleased-with-this-pakistani-video-of-children-calling-for-indias-destruction?__twitter_impression=true

The video was released by the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Karachi and was titled ‘Azadi-e-Kashmir convention’.


On October 12, the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan, which calls itself the “largest students’ organisation in Pakistan”, organised an event in Karachi. The aim was to “build pressure on India and show our strength because we all are one”. The theme of the event was “ab Hind banega Pakistan” (India will now become Pakistan) and it was called the Azadi-e-Kashmir Convention of 2019.

Prior to the event, a promotional video was released by the organisation, featuring children. The 45-second video shows these children speak about their plans for a future when “Pakistan will win control over India”.

Seemingly harmless statements like “I will visit Shimla,” and “I will ask my father to buy property in Goa,” find mention in the video, but vicious statements like “We will employ the Indian Army to clean the streets” are also made by (presumably tutored) children in the video. One of the children featured also threatens the RSS and “promises to retribute the death of every single Muslim”.

The use of children to propagate hatred in the video was met with strong criticism and disapproval from Indians on social media.


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