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India has changed forever!

Author: Col N Bhatnagar
Publication: The Times of India
Date:  January 13, 2020
URL:      https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/india-as-i-see-it-a-soldiers-view/india-has-changed-forever/

After having witnessed these recent agitations, one thing that stands out very clearly is that the Congress and so called secular parties and some sections of media have a big role to play in spoiling the communal situation in India. I have for the ease of understanding have addressed them as a Gang, instead of taking their names, because they all are hand in glove and second they are now known to all.

Till a few years back, me and many of my friends, both from armed forces as well as in other professions never liked to associate ourselves with Hindutva forces including BJP/Jansangha. We always believed that they had a tendency to look at everything from the Prism of Religion and so always equated them with the Maulanas. Most of us never voted for them as well.

I think most of the Indians also looked at them suspiciously. As a result, the erstwhile Jansangha and its new Awataar i.e BJP for many many years could barely win 5- 10 seats in Lok sabha Elections. There was a time when they had just One elected member in Lok sabha.

We must acknowledge and appreciate that If Hindus and Sikhs despite having witnessed all the blood bath, violence and partition of their Land in 1947 always stood by Congress and did not support Jansangha for all these years, it is a testimony of their firm belief on SECUALRISM and their TOLERANCE .

Therefore, it would not be wrong to state that if India has stuck to secularism and voted for parties that supported Secularism the credit must go to the Hindus and Sikhs who despite having faced the consequences of the partition continued to display the resolve and strength of character.

However, as things have turned out in last few decades the same Tolerant and Secular Hindu has now been shaken to the core. His belief in secularism as being practiced in India now lies shattered. We now call this gang as Pseudo Secularists who speak selectively.

The same Tolerant Hindu now feels cheated. The recent agitations against CAA, Article 370, NRC etc has strengthened our conviction that come what may we will not support this kind of pseudo secularism in the country. These are the important issues related to our safety and security and hence No one is now willing to buy the story of these Pseudo secularists that it’s a Pan India protest and that Govt is scared of students protest and so on.

The nation today is rather questioning those, who started the India Intolerant campaign and those who returned their awards and those who stood in support of Tukde Tukde Gang ;

Where were they when Shah Bano was denied justice?

Why did they not speak up when 54 people were burnt to death in a train and they rather created a false narrative that they died because of the fire from within the bogie?

Why did they not open their gob, returned their awards and called Muslims as Intolerant when Kashmiri Pundits were compelled to leave their homes?

Why did they remain silent when Sikhs were gruesomely killed and entire system succumbed to pressure of the ruling party?

Why did n’t they speak up for the rights of muslim women when the provision of Triple talaq was being misused by Muslim men?

Why don’t they speak when young girls in Pakistan (It is said almost One thousand) every year are kidnapped and converted into Islam, that too when the Judges of Pakistan have raised this query?

The people now want to know as to Why does this gang opens its mouth selectively? The moment Modiji came to power they started speaking that India has become Intolerant and started returning their awards. They did not appreciate that It was because of our tolerance and secular beliefs that despite having faced the consequences of violence of 1947 and partition of our Land that we continued to support Congress and shun Jansangha/BJP for so many years.

The duplicity of this Gang and its eco system is exposed now. They can go anywhere in the world, get their articles published in international newspapers, conduct as many seminars and Dharnas abroad, using their connections, it is not going to make any difference now.

No one in India is scared of JNU, Jamia and AMU protests. If few can choose to come out on streets and burn public property it does not mean that they are in majority. The silent majority is sitting in homes having firm belief in Modiji, and no amount of such orchestrated agitations by Maulanas and students of JNU/AMU/Jamia roping in few actors is going to change their view.

More than Modiji it is this gang which is responsible for this change. This silent majority has proved its strength in elections and will do so again if this gang does not change its attitude. The more you call us Intolerant, the more determined we will become.

And if some maulanas believe that this gang will help them out and bring back pseudo seculars in power, then my considered view is, this is not going to work anymore and they would be doing great disservice to their community.

Its high time we start calling a spade as spade and believing in true secularism. If lynching of muslims is wrong then violent protests against CAA is also wrong, if stopping internet services in Kashmir indefinitely is wrong then supporting Jehadi and fundamentalists opposing repealing of article 370 is also wrong. If denying the status of a State to Jammu and Kashmir is wrong then suppressing the rightful demands of people of Ladakh and Jammu/Udhampur region is also wrong, if violation of human rights of Muslims is wrong then denying the same to Kashmiri pundits and those left behind in 1947 is also morally wrong.

The Gang needs to realize that India has now changed forever. The majority community can now no more be hood winked on the pretext that our unity and integrity is under threat and so on.
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