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Muslims voted for Pakistan in 1946

Author: Vaibhav Singh
Publication: Hindu Vivek Kendra
Date: January 26, 2020
URL:    http://www.hvk.org/2020/0120/64.html

Next time Someone from Anti CAA & Anti NRC campaign lectures you:
We Rejected Jinnah, now you reject Hindurashtra. We Chose India, Not Pakistan. We Stood With Idea of Secular India, Not With Islamic State. Our Blood is in Soil of this Country. RSS helped Jinnah, etc etc...
Just tell them, During election of 1946, here is how Indian Muslims Voted:-

Total Number of Muslim Seats: 34
Won By Muslim League: 31

Total Number of Muslim Seats: 119
Won By Muslim League: 113

Total Number of Muslim Seats: 40
Won By Muslim League: 34

Total Number of Muslim Seats: 30
Won By Muslim League: 30

Central Provinces(MP, Chhattisgarh & Maharashtra):
Total Number of Muslim Seats: 14
Won By Muslim League: 13

Total Number of Muslim Seats: 29
Won By Muslim League: 29

Total Number of Muslim Seats: 4
Won By Muslim League: 4

Total Number of Muslim Seats: 86
Won By Muslim League: 74

United Provinces(UP & Uttarakhand):
Total Number of Muslim Seats: 66
Won By Muslim League: 54

I had no intention of Digging the history of Islamic Communal Politics & Hypocrisy in India. You guys have been ranting about your so called allegiance to this country & how you sacrificed by rejecting Jinnah. Sorry Bro, you never did that. Jinnah & his party Muslim League got more than 90% of Muslim Votes in Present day India during pre partition elections of 1946. You stood shoulder to shoulder with Jinnah. You broke this country into half, sent half of your families to Pakistan & rest stayed in India. Your lot which stayed here are bigger sinners because you broke this country & still shamelessly boast about your role in ‘Independence’ & ‘Unifying India’. Those who went to Pakistan & created Muttahida Qaumi Movement(earlier Mohajir Qaumi Movement) take pride & boast about the fact that they created Pakistan in Sindh Assembly till today. And You don’t wish to go because you know how they are persecuted today by Punjabi Musalmans of Pakistan. If you can go to Gulf States, you would happily go to Pakistan given there was no persecution & was better economic opportunities. Anyways, history is history only when you don’t fabricate it. If you will fabricate history, I’ll remind you of what you did. 

- Note from Hindu Vivek Kendra: It is the educated Muslims who make the argument that Muslims did not vote for Pakistan on the basis that the electorate was limited one.  They should categorically state that their ancestors in 1946 were NOT part of the limited category of voters.

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