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Author: True Indology @TIinExile
Publication: Threadreaderapp.com
Date: August 13, 2020
URL:   https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1293801550733664256.html

"नौमी भौम बार मधु मासा। अवधपुरीं यह चरित प्रकासा।।
जेहि दिन राम जनम श्रुति गावहिं। तीरथ सकल तहाँ चलि आवहिं।।

On the day of Rama Navami in Ayodhya where Lord the illuminated world with his birth it is as though all pilgrimages visit Ayodhya to catch a glimpse of Rama"-
The Wire @thewire_in

"There is no evidence to show that Ayodhya was a Hindu pilgrimage centre in ancient times. Tulsidas, the celebrated author of the Ramcharitmanas does not mention Ayodhya as a pilgrim centre," says Historian D.N. Jha.



Nov 9, 2019

"असुर नाग खग नर मुनि देवा। आइ करहिं रघुनायक सेवा।।
जन्म महोत्सव रचहिं सुजाना। करहिं राम कल कीरति गाना।।

On that day, Devas, Asuras, Nagas,birds, sages and Gods visit Ayodhya to pay respects to Rama. Men celebrate the great birthday festival in Ayodhya and sing the glory of Rama"
"मज्जहि सज्जन बृंद बहु पावन सरजू नीर।
जपहिं राम धरि ध्यान उर सुंदर स्याम सरीर।।

On that day, Pious men take dip in the holy water of the Sarayu in Ayodhya
Visualizing in their heart the beautiful swarthy form of Rama, they utter His divine name"-

Ramcaritmanas 1.1.34
दरस परस मज्जन अरु पाना। हरइ पाप कह बेद पुराना।।
नदी पुनीत अमित महिमा अति। कहि न सकइ सारद बिमलमति।

The very sight & touch of Sarayu and a dip into its waters cleanses पाप so declare Vedas & Puranas. Even Goddess Sharada cannot describe the infinite glory of this most sacred river
राम धामदा पुरी सुहावनि। लोक समस्त बिदित अति पावनि।।
चारि खानि जग जीव अपारा। अवध तजे तनु नहि संसारा।।

The beautiful city of Ayodhya is the abode of Lord Rama. It is celebrated through the worlds & is the holiest of the holy. Whoever sheds their body in Ayodhya is never born again
"सब बिधि पुरी मनोहर जानी। सकल सिद्धिप्रद मंगल खानी।।
बिमल कथा कर कीन्ह अरंभा। सुनत नसाहिं काम मद दंभा।।

Knowing the city of Ayodhya to be charming in every way, a bestower of all forms of success and a storehouse of blessings, I commenced writing Ramcharitmanas there"- Tulasidas


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