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Akshay @aks_avn TWEET

Author: Akshay
Publication: Thread Reader
Date: February 4, 2021
URL:    https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1357282066774306816.html?s=03

Here is a thread on the timeline of these farmer protest and the events around it. I have tried to connect a few dots to stitch the whole story behind the motive of the protests and the agitation.

Kindly join me on the next 30 tweets while I take you through the chronology.

04 Jun 2020

Union Cabinet cleared 3 ordinances meant for reforms in Agricultural sector.
These proposed reforms came in the backdrop of the speeches made by PM Modi and Nirmala Sitharaman in May 2020, during the announcement of 20 lac crore Covid relief package.


04 Jun 2020

Leader of Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), Rakesh Tikait, welcomed the ordinances saying that years old demand of the farmer's got fullfilled.

Welcoming the ordinance seemed obvious because who won't be happy to get a bigger market and more buyers for their produce.

09 Aug 2020

After more than two months of the promulgation of the ordinance by the cabinet, first ever voices against the laws were heard in Hyderabad and a few parts of Punjab. Major apprehensions were expressed against the provisions around the stubble burning issue.

17-20 Sept 2020

All the three bill were presented and cleared in the Lok Sabha and Rajyasabha. The then Food processing Minister, Harsimrat Badal, resigned and Akali Dal pulled out as a symbolic protest. Interesting thing is that Rahul Gandhi went overseas during same time.
25 Sept 2020

This is when the protests escalated to the Bharat Band level for the first time. Since then the Govt has held talks with the farmer associations for 11 times till 21st of January over the concerns, maintaining a channel of communication throughout.

04 Dec 2020

Govt offered to make a law around MSP and also offered to tone down the provisions related to Stubble burning, and make a few other changes related to how the tribunal will function but now the associations said that they want nothing less than the laws being scraped

12 Jan 2021

Supreme court of India offered to make a committee comprising of the stateholders to examine the laws but the proposal was rejected by the farmer associations.

21 Jan 2021

Govt offered to stay the laws for 18 months for consultation but that was also rejected.

26 Jan 2020

The farmers during their Tractor Rally protests, breached the Red fort, beat up the police and unfurled a religious/political flag at the red fort.

But why would genuine farmers reject all the offers and take the violant route and violate the national symbols?

Farmer associations have been demanding open markets for decade, they welcomed it when they got it, they expressed their problems which the govt agreed to solve. Then what explains the sudden transition of the tone of the farmers associations and their refusal to co-operate?

24 Jun 2020

Taking you back to June when Donald Trump started a campaign to weaken China by calling them out for "Chinese Virus". The then US Sec of State, Mike Pompeo urged countries to stop working with Huawei on the 5G tech and rather suggested to work with clean teclos.

29 Jun 2020

In retaliation to the Galwan Valley clashes that happened on 15 Jun, India banned 59 Chinese Apps. China didn't anticipate that India would be taking actions on economic front too, therefore it came as a shock and also an indication that more action was on the cards.

30 Jun 2020

Parallely, hitting were it hurts the most, Donald Trump announced a ban on Huawei and ZTE from the US 5G developments citing that they are both a Chinese Military company. Trump pressurized other countries to take similar actions of banning these companies.


14 July 2020

UK announced to stop the procurement of Huawei and ZTE by end of the year and to remove the installed parts by 2027. Since Huawei is one of the most advanced and economical 5G company, it is tough for countries to part ways, by UK went ahead with it.

14 Jun 2020

Another significant thing that happened on the same day was that Mukesh Ambani announced the arrival of Made in India Jio 5G solutions. This clearly rattled China as this meant they lost all Big 5G markets like India, US, UK and expected more to go in future with Jio

Now link this to the timeline of Farm bills and think why there were no protests for 2 months between 4th Jun to 9th August, why was everyone well content with the farm ordinance for 2 months and hell broke loose only when India took the war on 5G dominance to next level?

21 Dec 2020

Farmer associations called for a boycott of Jio and Reliance products when the bills are not at all linked to them. So much so that Mukesh Ambani had to come and announce that he has no plans to do contract farming but the protestors still disrupted 1500 Jio towers.

Clearly China here saw an opportunity to create unrest in the country through running and funding the misinformation campaigns on the farm laws. They used the Khalistani elements in UK and Canada, through the ISI network, to pump in the money for the PR Campaigns.

Khalistanis were already roaming around with the so called Referendum 2020 agenda. With the funding from China, they unleashed massive PR and highjacked the Farmer's protests by adding Glitz in terms of sending Diljeet and Deep Sidhu type of people who made it a "Punjabi issue".

What followed in Jan is the grand alliance of International Naxals with our own. Indian opposition provided moral/logistical support to these protestors, while the Khalistanis worked to create International pressure. You would have already seen the detailed planning in the leaks.


In the other documents released by Great Thunburg, there is a clear mention of promoting to divest from Adani and Ambani. One of the major objective of the agitation is to make them weak. But wait, what has Adani done against China for him to be defamed using this campaign?


Well Gautam Adani has been rattling the Chinese for long. He has been working closely with the Australian government on Coal Mines, Railway projects etc. With the Chinese putting buisness pressure on Aus, they are turning towards India in which Adani is a major partne

The Chinese have their proxies in Australia running the organisation @/StopAdani who works day and night running propaganda campaigns against Adani since many years now. The Chinese has been putting so much hindrance in Adani projects that the Aussie govt had to write a letter.

27 Nov 2020

Indian Cricket team was playing the first ODI match against Australia. It was the start of the 6th over when pacer Navdeep Saini was about to run to Aron Finch, when a couple of Stop Adani volunteers breached the field with prosters against Adani.


If you think that @/Stop Adani campaign is just limited to what Adani has to do with Australia, you are in for a big surprise. If you visit their Twitter, you will see them spreading propaganda for things happening in India. They are tweeting about Farms protests too.


The other front where Adani is rattling the Chinese is Srilanka. Due to the foreign policy mismanagement of UPA govt, Srilanka went into Chinese fold. Modi Government started fixing things with Srilanka and developed back it's influence in the country. (Detailed thread later)

Many of you may be knowing how China got to develop Hambantota port in Southern Srilanka during the UPA days. The testimony of the developed relations was when SL signed an agreement with India and Japan to develop the Colombo Eastern Corridor of Transmission, leaving out China.



This port development was to be done through the Indian Company Adani Ports. China clearly lost influence over one of their strong holds. In turn, they funded the local labour unions to put pressure on SL govt not to work with India. SL cancelled the agreement on 1 Feb, 2021.


The Nexus is so strong that all these things are happening parallely. We are at war with China on the economic and geopolitical front and it is using the Indian opposition, Khalistani, Australian NGO, Labour organization etc as a front end through the help of ISI.


What is in for these stateholders

• China - Downfall of Indian businesses resulting into bigger market for Chinese 5G and other products

• Khalistani - Reigniting the dead idea of Khalistan

• ISI - Unsettled Punjab is equal to two extra fronts for Pakistan without any cost

What we see may not be even half the picture of how big the enemy design is, but one thing for sure is that your leader is aware of everything and is acting in accordance. There are moments which may frustrate us but the need of the hour is to stand behind our leader.


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