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EXPOSED: Yogendra Yadav's hypocrisy on farm bills

Author: Rahul M
Publication: Yahoo!news
Date: February 9, 2021
URL:    https://in.news.yahoo.com/exposed-yogendra-yadavs-hypocrisy-on-farm-bills-101033615.html

A 2018 video of Yogendra Yadav, politician, founder of Swaraj India and one of the most prominent faces of the ongoing farmers' protests, is doing the rounds on social media platforms where he can be seen favouring the very same farm laws which he is now opposing.

Yadav, who is opposing the three farms laws passed by the Narendra Modi government at the Centre, is seen advocating the reforms in agricultural sector which are enshrined in the new farms bills.

"The least the government can do is to make the markets accessible to the farmers. There are seven layers between the producer and the buyer right now. These layers must be removed. And in the end, the government has to regulate the market. The farmers are being exploited and this has to stop," he can be seen saying in the video.

"The middlemen hold the power and make merry, while both the producers (farmers) and the buyers (consumers) suffer," he added.

Ankur Singh@iAnkurSingh

Yogendra Yadav in 2018 wanted Govt to link Farmers directly to market.
When Modi Govt did it, Aandolan Jeevi is opposing the same.

Feb 8, 2021

The new farms talk about opening up new 'mandis' (markets) where farmers can sell their produce directly to private players. This also ends the hegemony of middlemen whom Yadav is blasting in the video.

The volte face by Yadav and several Opposition parties, who are now baying for repeal of the farm laws, exposes a glaring hypocrisy.

It also underlines that farmers' protests have now been hijacked by political elements with vested interests and their sole objective is to bring the Modi government to its knees even at the cost of farmers and consumers.

Yahoo could not independently verify the veracity of the video.

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